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"Born to Run"
Bruce Springsteen covered by 38 Themesters
Theme: The Rundown on the Walkabout
  "Paranoid Android"
Radiohead covered by Jimmy Ether, Peter Joseph McDade IV, Grahame Davies, Paul Melançon, and Joe Scinta
Theme: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  "Good Vibrations"
The Beach Boys covered by Circe Link, Christian Nesmith, and Robbie Rist
Theme: 4 Seasons: Summer
"The Only Flame in Town"
Elvis Costello and The Attractions covered by Wendi Dunlap
Theme: Themeville (songs about towns)
The Highwaymen covered by Larry Cox
Theme: One-Word Titles: S
  "Head in a Box"
The Lonely Island covered with a twist by Zoenda McItosh, John Fremer, and Matt Brown
Theme: 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath